Healthcare & Material Solutions


Develops businesses in the fields of medical systems, pharmaceuticals, bio CDMO, regenerative medicine, and life sciences; operates business in the three health fields of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment

Graphic Systems & inkjets

Provides graphic arts films, computer-to-plate (CTP) plates, inkjet digital presses and industrial inkjet printheads

Highly Functional Materials

Develops the industrial product business which includes display materials, non-destructive testing equipment, and various types of highly functional films; the electronic materials business which includes semiconductor processing materials; and the fine chemicals business which provides highly functional compounds and reagents

Recording Media

Provides products including computer tape and data archive services

Business opportunities


  • Increasing needs for solutions that support medicine and improve work efficiency due to an aging population and shortages of medical practitioners
  • Increasing unmet medical needs, mainly for cancer, rare diseases and gene therapies
  • Expanding market of biopharmaceuticals, which is expected to deliver high efficacy with few side effects
  • Enhanced industrialization of regenerative medicine
  • Rising awareness of healthy life expectancy and lifestyle-related ailments

Highly Functional Materials, Recording Media, Graphic Systems & Inkjets

  • Stronger demand for display-related materials from growth in the OLED and touch panel market
  • Expansion in the semiconductor market from spread of 5G and automated driving
  • Growing needs for efficiently storing enormous volumes of data at low cost in the era of big data
  • Expansion in the industrial printing market, such as textiles and packaging, and growth in inkjet digital printing in these markets



  • Fiercer competition from the rise of new entrants
  • Strengthened laws and regulations for medical equipment
  • Increasing difficulty of new drug discovery
  • Heightened competition from technological innovations in the biopharmaceuticals market

Highly Functional Materials, Recording Media, Graphic Systems & Inkjets

  • Tougher competition from alternative materials for TAC film
  • More competitive environment in the semiconductor materials market
  • Weaker-than-expected demand in the graphic arts film and printing plates
  • Higher raw materials prices

Competitive advantages


  • Image processing technologies for providing images suitable for diagnosis
  • Advanced chemical compounds, design capabilities, and nanotechnologies that enable development of pharmaceuticals that respond to unmet medical needs
  • High levels of technological capabilities to manufacture under constant conditions and superior quality control, utilized in process development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals
  • The three components essential for regenerative medicineーcells, culture media, and scaffoldsーheld within the Group

Highly functional materials

  • Advanced technologies, such as functional molecules technology for imparting high functionality to film
  • Advanced film forming and coating technologies capable of supporting thinness and enlargement
  • Cost competitiveness and stable supply
  • Rapid and accurate product formulation capabilities and development capabilities, and global production systems

◆Review of FY2019/3◆

Consolidated revenue amounted to JPY 1,039.0 billion (+3.6% from the previous fiscal year) due to strong sales in the medical systems, bio CDMO, regenerative medicine, electronic materials, and others. Operating income amounted to JPY 97.6 billion (+6.8% from the previous fiscal year), mainly due to an improvement of profitability.
 In the medical systems business, revenue increased due to strong sales in all business fields such as X-ray imaging diagnostic, medical IT, endoscopes, ultrasound diagnostic and In-vitro Diagnostics fields (IVD). In the pharmaceutical business, revenue decreased mainly due to an influence of generic-drugs in the small-molecular drugs. In the bio CDMO business, the sales in the contract process development and manufacturing business for biopharmaceuticals progressed steadily. In the regenerative medicine business, revenue increased due to favorable sales of cell culture media for biopharmaceuticals by Irvine Scientific Sales Company, Inc. (currently FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific), a leading company in cell culture media that the Group made a consolidated subsidiary in June 2018. In the life sciences business in March 2019, we launched sales of ASTALIFT D-UV CLEAR White Solution , the product with the highest UV protection in ASTALIFT series, as well as the much-improved and renewed skin-whitening ASTALIFT WHITE Essence Infilt. 
 Revenue rose in the display materials business owing to solid sales of not only TAC products, but also products in the areas of OLED and touch panels. Sales were also strong in the industrial equipment business, particularly for our touch panel sensor film EXCLEAR and our films for measuring pressure PRESCALE. Higher revenue in the electronic materials business was underpinned by sustained strong sales of mainly peripheral materials for cutting- edge photolithography, CMP slurry, color photoresists for image sensors, and polyimide for advanced packaging. Revenue remained steady in the fine chemicals business, supported by sales of reagents for research institutes in the life sciences field and healthy orders for contracted services mainly in testing and analysis.
 In the recording media business, revenue decreased due to the inventory adjustment of magnetic tape for high volume data storage and other factors. Revenue also decreased in the graphic systems business owing chiefly to the impact of overall weaker demand for graphic arts film and printing plates. In the inkjet business, revenue decreased due to such factors as the impact of inventory adjustments of industrial inkjet printheads by customers.


Revenue JPY 484.3 billion

Medical Systems

Principal Products and Services

  • Digital X-ray imaging diagnostic systems:FCR, DR
  • Medical-use picture archiving and communications systems SYNAPSE
  • Endoscope systems
  • Ultrasound diagnostic equipment
  • In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) systems
  • X-ray films
Medical-use picture<br/>archiving and<br/>communications<br/>systems SYNAPSE
Medical-use picture
archiving and
systems SYNAPSE

Key points in FY2019/3 results and major initiatives

  • Revenue increased due to strong sales in all business fields.
  • In the X-ray imaging diagnostics field, the sales of CALNEO Xair, a portable X-ray imaging device with a light and small body that supports simple X-ray examinations in limited space, started from October 2018 in Japan.
    The sales of DR equipment including this new product showed favorable growth and increased revenue.
  • In the medical IT field, sales of systems, particularly SYNAPSE, the Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS), were strong especially in Japan and the U.S.
  • In the endoscopes field, strong sales were seen for such products as the 7000 systems capable of special-light illumination.
  • In the ultrasound diagnostics field, sales were strong for products such as the full-flat SonoSite SII and the portable SonoSite EdgeII, in major markets such as the U.S., Europe, Japan and China.
  • In the IVD field, the sales of the DRI-CHEM series, a densitometry analysis system, were strong mainly in overseas market.

Pharmaceuticals, Bio CDMO

Principal Products and Services

  • Small-molecule drugs
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Contract development and manufacturing organization of biopharmaceuticals
Culturing tank for<br/>biopharmaceutical<br/>manufacturing
Culturing tank for

Key points in FY2019/3 results and major initiatives

  • In the pharmaceutical business, revenue decreased mainly due to an influence of generic drugs in the small-molecular drugs.
  • In March 2019, clinical trials were started with National Cancer Center Japan for new immunotherapy of cancer utilizing its liposome, a drug delivery system technology.

<Bio CDMO>

  • In the bio CDMO business, contract orders for process development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals remained brisk.
  • In March 2019 we announced the acquisition of Biogen (Denmark) Manufacturing ApS, a manufacturing subsidiary of major US biopharmaceuticals corporation Biogen Inc.

Regenerative Medicine

Principal Products and Services

  • iPSC-derived cells for drug discovery support
  • Recombinant peptide
  • Autologous cultured epidermis/cartilage
  • Media cell culture
Autologous cultured<br/>epidermis JACE®
Autologous cultured
epidermis JACE®

Key points in FY2019/3 results and major initiatives

  • In the regenerative medicine business, revenue increased due to favorable sales of cell culture media for biopharmaceuticals by Irvine Scientific Sales Company, Inc. (currently FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific), a leading company in cell culture media.
  • FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, a subsidiary in the U.S., launched iCell® Microglia from January 2019, an iPSC-derived cell type that enables an evaluation of new medicines for degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease in a similar environment to the human body.

Life Sciences

Principal Products and Services

  • Functional cosmetics
  • Nutritional supplement products
  • Hair care products


Essence Infilt

Key points in FY2019/3 results and major initiatives

  • In March 2019 we launched sales of ASTALIFT D-UV CLEAR White Solution , the product with the highest UV protection in ASTALIFT series, as well as ASTALIFT WHITE Essence Infilt with enhanced beauty effect.
  • Revenue from supplements increased thanks to robust sales mainly in our Metabarrier series.

Highly Functional Materials Revenue

Revenue JPY 278.0 billion

Display Materials

Principal Products and Services

  • Protective film for polarizers
  • Film for expanding viewing angles
  • Materials for OLED/touch panel
FUJITAC protective film for polarizers
FUJITAC protective film for polarizers

Key points in FY2019/3 results and major initiatives

  • Revenue increased on solid sales of not only TAC products, but also products in the areas of OLED displays and touch panels.

Industrial Products, Electronic Materials, Fine Chemicals

Principal Products and Services
<Industrial Products>

  • Non-destructive testing equipment and materials
  • Sensor film for touch panel

<Electronic Materials>

  • Semiconductor processing materials

<Fine Chemicals>

  • Highly functional chemicals
  • Laboratory chemicals

Key points in FY2019/3 results and major initiatives
<Industrial Products>

  • Sales were robust particularly for our touch panel sensor film EXCLEAR, along with solid sales of pressure measurement film PRESCALE.

<Electronic Materials>

  • Revenue increased, reflecting strong sales of such products as advanced peripheral materials related to photolithography, CMP slurries, color resist for image sensor, polyimide for advanced package and others.

<Fine Chemicals>

  • Revenue remained steady supported by the solid sales of laboratory chemicals for research institutes and contract services for inspections and analysis in the life science field.

Recording Media

Revenue JPY 38.8 billion

Principal Products and Services

  • Magnetic recording tape for computers
  • Data archive service


LTO Ultrium 8 data cartridge<br/>computer tape with BaFe<br/>magnetic particles
LTO Ultrium 8 data cartridge
computer tape with BaFe
magnetic particles

Key points in FY2019/3 results and major initiatives

  • Revenue decreased due to the inventory adjustment of magnetic tape for high volume data storage and other factors.
  • Fujifilm certainly meets customer’s need in this big data era by expanding the sales of magnetic tape for data storage, which uses barium ferrite (BaFe) particles and also providing a data archive service etc.

Graphic Systems & Inkjets

Revenue JPY 236.7 billion

Principal Products and Services

  • Printing materials, CTP plates
  • Inkjet digital presses
  • Ink for inkjet printers
  • Industrial inkjet printheads
Jet Press 750S
Jet Press 750S

Key points in FY2019/3 results and major initiatives

  • Revenue decreased owing chiefly to the impact of overall weaker demand for graphic arts film and printing plates.
  • In March 2019 we started selling Jet Press 750S, the latest model in our Jet Press series of inkjet digital presses for commercial printing. We will achieve further growth in this business by developing and selling innovative products for the increasingly digitalized commercial printing market.
  • Revenue decreased due to such factors as the impact of inventory adjustments of industrial inkjet printheads by customers.
  • In addition to commercial printing and sign display fields, we are developing unique products and expanding our business into new fields such as textiles and packaging.


Accelerating expansion of bio CDMO business

Bio CDMO business<br/>Base in Denmark (inside the factory)
Bio CDMO business
Base in Denmark (inside the factory)

We are currently expanding our operations in the potentially high-growth bio CDMO business by actively making investments to augment our capabilities. In August 2019 we acquired and consolidated a manufacturing subsidiary of USbased biopharmaceutical giant Biogen Inc. Accordingly, the Group now can swiftly respond to the broad ranging needs of customers, from small production volumes to much larger, having access to large-scale production facilities on top of existing facilities such as maneuverable 2,000-liter single-use tanks suitable for the production of different types of biopharmaceuticals, and the latest mobile clean rooms equipped with sophisticated virus containment capabilities. Moreover, by leveraging our advanced production and quality control technologies honed in the photographic film business, along with the biotechnologies of our Group companies, we seek to develop technologies for further enhancing productivity. We also set our sights on making a full-fledged entry into the drug formulation business in which we hope to provide one-stop contract development and manufacturing, from active pharmaceutical ingredients through to pharmaceutical preparation. We will continue to expand this business by taking on orders for contract development and manufacture of various types of biopharmaceuticals, including those expected to grow in demand like antibodies, hormone products, vaccines and gene therapy drugs. We are targeting revenue of JPY 100 billion in this business in FY2021/3.