Imaging Solutions

Competitive advantages

Photo Imaging

  • Comprehensive strength capable of providing services from phototaking to printing
  • Strong market position as a leading company

Optical Device and Electronic Imaging

  • Unique lineup of products equipped with two types of sensors (APS-C size and large format) that are small, lightweight, and achieve superior color reproducibility owing to in-house developed key devices and unique imaging design technology
  • Advanced optical technologies and high-precision processing and assembly technologies

Business opportunities

  • Growth in the number of photos taken and printing needs due to smartphone proliferation
  • Expansion of demand for instant photo systems in emerging countries
  • Single-lens reflex camera and smartphone users switching over to or purchasing mirrorless digital cameras due to enhanced performance
  • Growth in demand for lenses as IoT advances and security becomes more important
  • Increase in demand for high-performance lenses from shifts to 4K and 8K imaging


  • Escalation of competition in the mirrorless digital camera market
  • Enhancement of smartphone camera performance (driving users away from cameras)
  • Escalation of competition in the high-performance industrial lens market due to competitors’ technological enhancements