Advanced materials

One of Fujifilm’s priority business fields. It consists of electronic materials that offer broad range of products used to manufacuture semiconductors and materials for image sensor, display materials that offer materials for displays and touch panels, and other advanced materials. Other advanced materials consists of industrial products that offer EXCLEAR and other various industrial equipment and consumables, fine chemicals that offer high-function chemicals and laboratory chemicals, and recording media that provide storage media and archiving services.

Brand names of Fujifilm's multifunction devices.

Armed antibody
An antibody that has a function to attack cancer cells. It is made by combining antibodies that specifically combine with cancer cells to substances that radiate radiation. It is attracting considerable attention for its high efficacy and fewer side effects.

Fujifilm’s functional cosmetics for aging care focused on astaxanthin, a red natural beauty ingredient with a power to make skin beautiful. Core technologies cultivated by Fujifilm, such as proprietary nanotechnologies, are utilized for the products.

Barium ferrite (BaFe)
An advanced magnetic material that Fujifilm used for magnetic tapes for the first time. It maintains high coercivity even when the particle size is small, creating less noise and providing better frequency than current metal particles, and has long archival life.

A general term for pharmaceuticals utilizing biotechnologies. There are various types, including antibody drugs, gene recombination and cloning. The market for biopharmaceuticals is expected to grow further, since they have fewer side effects, and they are expected to have high efficacy.

A generic within biopharmaceuticals. It is a general term for biopharmaceuticals similarly manufactured by other companies after their patents have expired.

Business process outsourcing (BPO)
Fujifilm mainly provides the services in Business innovation segment. By undertaking customers' operating processes, customers can concentrate on its core business, streamline business processes, expand their businesses and reform their work style / DX .

Business Solutions

One of the Business Innovation segment’s business domains. We provide document services— which include system integration, cloud services, management of multifunction devices, and Business Process Outsourcing of mission-critical processes—, tailored to various industries or business processes to meet business challenges.

Cell Culture Media
Solid or liquid substances containing nutrients designed to support the growth of cells. It is indispensable for cell culture in research and development and production of biopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine products, and in fertilized egg culture in fertility clinics.

CMP slurry
CMP stands for chemical mechanical polisher. It is an abrasive material used to precisely planarize substrates that have various materials in its circuit structure, such as metal or dielectrics.

Color resist for image sensor
A photosensitive coloring material for manufacturing micro color filters, used in image sensors. Fujifilm provides this product under the name COLOR MOSAIC.

Color paper
Photographic paper used to produce photo prints using the silver-halide method. Only a few companies manufacture this paper, and Fujifilm possesses a high market share of this product.

Contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO)
A development and manufacturing organization specializing in pharmaceuticals, fulfilling strict standards necessary for manufacturing pharmaceuticals. The manufacture of biopharmaceuticals especially require advanced technologies and know-how, and FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, a Group company of Fujifilm, is a CDMO specializing in biopharmaceuticals.

CTP plate
CTP stands for computer to plate, and is a plate used for offset printing. It is used in a printing method that directly makes plates from PC data, without the use of graphic arts film. Fujifilm's CTP plate has high sensitivity, resolution, and printability, achieving the largest share in the global market.

Cytokines are generic term of bioactive compounds. A small protein produced by cells that transmits information between cells and induces cell differentiation and proliferation.

DDS stands for Drug Delivery System, which is a technology to control drug delivery in the body. By controlling the area, time and dose of drug delivery, it aims to maximize the efficacy of the drug and minimize side effects with less dose.

Digital printing
A printing method that directly prints data sent from PCs etc., without the use of graphic arts film and printing plates.

It stands for digital radiography, which is one of the types of digital X-ray imaging diagnostic systems. It detects X-rays and create images. No consumables, such as imaging plates used for CR, are needed.


A sensor film for touch panels that Fujifilm provides, which is used for smartphones, tablets, PC's and others. It was developed by utilizing photographic technologies and has low resistance while realizing high transparency and flexibility.

A CR (computed radiography) type digital X-ray imaging diagnostic system. FCR stands for Fuji Computed Radiography, and is a name of a Fujifilm product. Fujifilm succeeded in the world's first digitalization of X-ray images in 1983 and has kept a high market share. Imaging plates are used as consumables.

FUJIFILM Advanced Research Laboratories
A laboratory that takes the lead in Fujifilm's cross-cutting advanced research and the development of core technologies that form the foundation for new businesses and products. By fusing a wide range of technologies and know-how that Fujifilm possesses, the laboratory aims to establish overwhelmingly differentiated technologies that strongly promote the creation of new businesses.

GFX series
A series of Fujifilm's digital cameras. It is a mirrorless digital camera equipped with a large format sensor approximately 1.7 times the size of the 35mm full-frame sensor, achieving the world-leading image quality.

One of Fujifilm's priority business fields. It consists of medical systems that offer medical equipment and Medical IT (diagnosis field), consumer healthcare that offer cosmetics and supplement (prevention field), pharmaceuticals, bio CDMO and life sciences (treatment field).

High-value-added printing
Unlike ordinary photographs that are just developed and printed onto standard color paper, high-value-added printing is a product/service that adds high value to printing, such as photobooks, postcards, calendars and WALL DECOR.

Industrial-use X-ray film
An X-ray film used for non-destructive testing, which can inspect internal or external damages and the condition of degradation of a test object by screening with X-ray. It is used in inspections of aircrafts, plants and so on.

Industrial inkjet printheads
A material that jets ink, installed in industrial inkjet printers such as wide format printers and ceramic/textile printers. It is used for various purposes such as buildings and packaging.

An instant camera that can print photos on the spot. Since its launch in 1998, it has maintained steady popularity.

IVD stands for In Vitro Diagnostics. It is a test method that measures samples such as blood and urine outside the body. From the results, general conditions of the whole body can be checked.


Jet Press
A name of Fujifilm's digital printing press. Leveraging Group synergies, the press realizes high image quality that surpasses that of offset printing.

Laser endoscopes
An endoscope using a laser as a light source. Fujifilm launched LASEREO, the world's first laser endoscope system, in 2012.

LCI stands for Linked Color Imaging, an image processing function that is installed in some of our endoscope systems. It can emphasize slight contrast in red colour to support better detection of inflammation.

Liposomal drug
A type of drugs based on the drug delivery system (DDS) technology, which is a drug encapsulated in nano-sized capsules. Fujifilm is developing liposomal drugs that contains anti-cancer drugs, which are expected to have fewer side effects and higher efficacy.

Low-molecular drugs
A pharmaceutical that has the molecular weight of approximately several hundreds of molecules, produced by chemical reactions. Most of the conventional pharmaceuticals are low-molecular drugs.

Magnetic tapes for data storage
Tapes for data backups and archives, using magnetic material as a recording material. Fujifilm has products using proprietary barium ferrite particles.

Managed print service (MPS)
An outsourcing service that analyzes overall print environments within the office, creates an optimal print environment, and continuously maintains/improves/operates that environment.

A filter for microfiltration of microorganisms and fine particles that can be used in a wide range of fields such as food and precision machinery.

Office Solutions
One of the Business Innovation segment's business domains. We provide document-related solutions through office equipment such as multifuncion devices and printers, consumables and maintenance service document-related solutions.

On-demand printing
A printing method that prints and offers only the needed number of copies when needed by customers. Generally, the majority of on-demand printing uses digital printing presses.

Open Innovation Hub
A facility to offer solutions to business partners through firsthand experience of technologies that underlie excellent materials and products developed by Fujifilm, as well as new technologies, materials, and products currently under development. By fusing issues, ideas, and potential needs of business partners with Fujifilm's technologies, Fujifilm will create epoch-making new products, technologies, and services, thereby initiating a tide of innovation.
Note: This is a facility for business partners and, therefore, does not accept general visitors.

An original photo-album made by digital images. Fujifilm also offers services such as the Year Album, which automatically selects and lays out photographs to easily create a photobook out of many photographs.

A material indispensible for manufacturing ultra-small circuit patterns on semiconductors. It is used during the process where a circuit pattern is printed onto a wafer.

Picture archiving and communications systems (PACS)
A system that efficiently provides required medical information to doctors anytime by accumulating a vast amount of image data from various types of diagnostic imaging equipment. Fujifilm provides its product under the name SYNAPSE.

New drug candidates under development, from R&D to permission to manufacture and market. The development stage for each new drug candidate is disclosed in earnings presentation materials.

Production services
In the commercial printing field of graphic communication(s*) business, we provide solution-oriented document services, such as high-speed, high-quality digital printing systems and printing workflow solutions.


Regenerative medicine
Regenerative medicine is a comprehensive term for medical technologies that rebuild the functions of internal organs and tissues. The lost functions of internal organs and tissues can be regenerated by transplanting cells and tissues.

Sensor film for touch panel
One of the materials used in touch panels. It is a film that detects the spot a finger has touched on the panel. Fujifilm offers this product under the name EXCLEAR.

Solutions & Services
One of the document solutions segment. We provide high value-added solutions through system integration and cloud-based services, as well as Business Process Outsourcing for management of multifunction devices and mission-critical processes, thus assisting customers in their work style reforms such as streamlining business processes and expanding businesses.

A name of a Fujifilm product within the medical-use picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) category.

TAC film
A film made with triacetylcellulose (TAC), which is also used as a base of photographic film. It has superior optical properties and is used as a crucial protective film for polarizers in LCD's as well as for such highly functional materials as value-added WV film.

Transnasal endoscopes
Endoscopes that are inserted through the nose. Compared to endoscopes inserted through the mouth, transnasal endoscopes lessen a reflex in the throat and are expected to relieve the patient's discomfort.

VA film

A TAC-based film that has the function to widen the contrast viewing angle and the hue viewing angle for LCD's (VA mode). It is mainly used in large-sized TV's.


Fujifilm's value-added printing service that offers customers panels made of their favorite photographs, which can be displayed on a wall. 

WV film

A name for a Fujifilm product, officially named as Wide View film. It has the function to widen the viewing angle of LCD's by coating proprietary functional materials on base TAC film.

X-ray diagnostic imaging systems

Medical imaging equipment for diagnosis using X-rays. There are types such as CR and DR.

X series

A series of Fujifilm's digital cameras. The mirrorless cameras in the X series has APS-C sized imaging sensor, realizing compact and lightweight bodies with high image qulity.


A TAC-based film that has the function to widen the hue viewing angle for LCD's (IPS mode). It is used mainly for large-sized TV's and such small- to medium-sized displays as tablets and smartphones.