Fiscal Year 2019/3 (April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019)

Integrated Report 2019

*updated: January, 2020

P.46-49  “Sustainable Value Plan 2030” - Initiatives to Combat Priority Issues

The integrated report on this WEB site has been updated.

統合報告書 2019(和文)











 特集1 次世代AI技術で実現する未来


 特集2 グループシナジーで持続可能な調達を推進


 特集3 社外取締役インタビュー


 ・Value Creation History

 ・Sources of Corporate Value

 ・Towards being a corporation that instigates changes

 ・Value Creation Process

 ・Business Portfolio

 ・Financial Highlights

 ・Non-Financial Highlights

 ・Message from the CEO

 ・Interview with the COO

  Feature 1   A Future Enabled by Next Generation AI


  Business Activities


  Feature 2   Promoting Sustainable Procurement through

  Group Synergies

  ESG Initiatives


  Feature 3   Interview with the Outside Directors


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