Imaging Solutions

Photo Imaging

Provides photo-related products and services, ranging from photo-taking to printing

Optical Device and Electronic Imaging

Provides products such as digital cameras, interchangeable lenses, and TV lenses

Business opportunities

  • Growth in the number of photos taken and printing needs due to smartphone proliferation
  • Expansion of demand in emerging countries for instant photo systems
  • Single lens reflex camera and smart phone users switching over to or purchasing mirrorless digital cameras due to enhanced performance
  • Growth in demand for lenses as IoT advances and security becomes more important
  • Increase in demand for high-performance lenses from shifts to 4K and 8K imaging


  • Escalation of competition in the mirrorless digital camera market
  • Enhancement of smartphone camera performance (driving users away from cameras)
  • Escalation of competition in the high-performance industrial lens market due to competitors’ technological enhancements

Competitive advantages

Photo imaging

  • Comprehensive strength capable of providing services from photo-taking to printing
  • Strong market position as a leading company

Optical device and electronic imaging

  • Unique lineup of products equipped with two types of sensors (APS-C size and large format) that are small, lightweight, and achieve superior color reproducibility owing to in-house developed key devices and unique imaging design technology
  • Advanced optical technologies and high-precision processing and assembly technologies

◆Review of FY2019/3◆

Consolidated revenue totaled JPY 386.9 billion (+1.0% YoY) thanks to solid sales in all businesses. Operating profit came to JPY 51.1 billion (–8.4% YoY), mainly reflecting advertising and promotion costs and R&D investments. Revenue in the photo imaging business was boosted mainly by sales of instant photo systems that enable users to enjoy on-the-spot printing of photos, such as instax series and instax films . As for instant photo system, revenue increased globally, mainly in Europe and the U.S. owing to the success of our global sales promotion. In the electronic imaging field of the optical device and electronic imaging business, despite the shrinking digital camera market, mirrorless digital camera sales increased in comparison to the previous year mainly thanks to brisk sales of FUJIFILM X-T3. Interchangeable lenses sales also increased due to favorable sales of mirrorless digital cameras. In the field of optical devices, sales remained solid mainly for various industrial use lenses including vehicle-mounted lenses.

Photo Imaging

Revenue JPY 257.5 billion

Principal Products and Services

Instant photo systems
Printing materials

  • Photographic paper and chemicals for color prints
  • Inkjet paper and ink
  • Thermal paper and ribbon

Printer devices

  • Minilabs (silver type, inkjet type)
  • Thermal photo printers

Labs and photo printing services

  • Value-added printing business such as Photobook
  • Photo printing services

Photographing sensitive materials

  • Color negative films
  • Reversal films
  • QuickSnap
instax SQUARE SQ20
instax SQUARE SQ20

Key points in FY2019/3 results and major initiatives

  • Sales of instant photo system, instax series and instax films were strong.
  • Cumulative instax unit sales were 10.02 million in FY2019/3.
  • In the added-value printing business, sales were favorable for Wall Decor , which lets customers decorate their walls with stylish photos.
  • The cloud-based photo service, FUJIFILM PhotoBank, was announced in February 2019, launched in FY2020/3.

Optical Device and Electronic Imaging

Revenue JPY 129.4 billion

Principal Products and Services

  • X Series digital cameras
  • GFX Series mirrorless digital camera with a large-format sensor
  • Interchangeable lenses for digital cameras
  • TV lenses, cinema lenses
  • Security camera and security camera lenses
  • Projector and projector lenses
  • Vehicle-mounted lenses




Key points in FY2019/3 results and major initiatives

Electronic imaging

  • Sales were favorable for FUJIFILM X-T3 , which is equipped with highspeed, high-precision auto focus and advanced movie recording, and FUJIFILM X-T30, a compact, lightweight, and high-performance camera.
  • Sales were favorable for FUJIFILM GFX 50R, our mirrorless digital camera with a large format sensor, thanks to acclaim for its ultra-high image quality based on Fujifilm’s unique color reproduction technology, as well as the incorporation of range finder style.

Optical devices

  • We announced FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z5000, which incorporates the optical technology of our FUJINON lens in February 2019 and newly entered the projector market with its launch in FY2020/3.


Meeting customer demand and constantly evolvingーinstax

instax mini LiPlay
instax mini LiPlay

The instax series of instant photo system have been wellloved by customers world-wide for more than 20 years since it was first launched in Japan in 1998. The product is currently sold in more than 100 countries and enjoyed great popularity mainly among the digital native generation in their teens or 20s. More than 10 million units were sold in FY2019/3, while around 45 million have been sold in total since it first went on sale.
 In responding to user needs, Fujifilm has left the product’s core feature intactーthe ability to print photos immediatelyーbut we have continued to develop and bring various new products to market every year, thereby generating fresh value unique to the instax series. For the instax mini LiPlay that went on sale in June 2019, we added a new sound function so users can record voices together with photos. One could probably say this edition of the instax is the “ultimate” version, given that it has features users wanted in an in-depth global survey, such as being compact, lightweight, and having function to print images in their smartphone on instax films.
By expanding the horizons of the instax series and suggesting new ways for people to enjoy various situations, we are generating stable earnings along with adding richness to people’s lives with photos by delivering the fundamental photographic values of “shooting, preserving, and sharing” photos.