The Fujifilm Group’s business originated with photographic film, a product for which lots of clean water and fresh air are indispensable to the manufacturing process. Moreover, photographic film requires customers to “buy on trust” that it will finish as a beautiful image since they cannot try it out beforehand. For these reasons, for the Fujifilm Group, an approach which emphasizes environmental conservation and maintaining the trust of stakeholders has been a major premise at the very foundation of our business activities. With the environment and trust as the origins of the Fujifilm Group’s CSR activities, we are currently engaged in various initiatives in accordance with the Fujifilm Group’s Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, which is to “Contribute to the sustainable development of society by putting our Corporate Philosophy into practice through sincere and fair business activities.”

“Sustainable Value Plan 2030”

We announced “Sustainable Value Plan 2030” (“SVP2030”), a new CSR plan, in August 2017. The Fujifilm Group believes that solving social issues provides opportunities for business growth. By actively creating new value as part of our efforts to address each challenge, we are committed to continuously contributing to the development of a sustainable society as a key management priority. Such commitment is further reinforced through formulation of SVP2030, which sets long-term goals for FY2031/3. In this plan, we show our strong will to contribute to resolving social issues on a global scale through business activities.

The Fujifilm Group’s Priority Issues and Main Contributions to SDGs Targets

Fujifilm aims to contribute to the achievement of goals related to resolution of social issues such as SDGs, and has set the “environment,” “health,” “daily life,” and “work style” as its key areas, which will be addressed from the perspectives of both “resolving social issues through business activities” and “considering environmental and social impacts through business processes.” Adding the enhanced management on “supply chains” and “corporate governance,” to the priority issues, and with “environment” in particular, we have set specific numerical targets for FY2031/3.

Sustainability Report

From 2019, Fujifilm Group’s Sustainability Report is issued in two parts; the “Management Edition” summarizes ESG information with a focus on data, whereas the “SVP Story Edition” mainly consists of the CSR Plan SVP2030.

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