The Fujifilm Group has faced and overcome many tough challenges over the years, including the development of technology to manufacture film in Japan, skyrocketing raw material prices at the time of the oil crises and Silver Thursday, and being sued by Eastman Kodak under Section 301 of the U.S. Trade Law. In particular, the photography market, which had been our main business, fell into steep decline beginning in 2000 due to rapid advances in digitization. The Fujifilm Group faced the crisis of losing its core business, but we managed to boldly transform our business structure and expand our business domain by further developing and innovating the technologies we had cultivated. By orienting ourselves to the future and determining what must be done and what is lacking today, and emphasizing the strengthening of strategies and allocating resources from a pre-arranged backcasting, we have been able to build a resilient business portfolio.
 By creating value through innovation, the Fujifilm Group aims to resolve the challenges faced by society through its business activities and take the environment and society into consideration in all its business processes so as to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.