The sources of our value creation are our technological capabilities, corporate culture, human resources, brand and global network. All of these are indispensable if we are to meet the needs and expectations of society and earn its trust.

Technological Capabilities

Technological Capabilities
Number of patents held 58,208
(Combined holdings of FUJIFILM Corporation and FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. as of March 31 2021)

• Conducting R&D utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as big data analysis at the Informatics Research Laboratory
• Creating open innovation globally from Open Innovation Hubs in Japan, the United States and Europe
• Launched the All-Fujifilm DX Promotion Program, promoting digital transformation (DX) leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) across the entire Fujifilm Group
• Developing intellectual property strategies reducing business risks and contributing to business growth in collaboration with business divisions and R&D divisions

Corporate Culture

Inner branding activities
active in
22 languages

• Conducting e-Learning through the FUJIFILM Corporate Movie for all Group employees worldwide designed to promote understanding and penetration of the Fujifilm Group’s vision
• Conducting ongoing internal training to improve compliance awareness and strengthen risk management
• Providing whistleblowing contact points in 23 languages and ensuring an “open, fair and clear” corporate culture from our vision

Human Resources

Data science-related training for DX acceleration
Course participants: 4,485
(Cumulative total as of September 2021)

• Implementing health promotion measures globally tailored per country/region and promoting health management
• Recognized as a Health and Productivity Enterprise (White 500) for five consecutive years and as a 2021 Health and Productivity Stock
• Established long-term goals for development and utilization of diverse human resources, appointing talented non-Japanese employees to key posts, and promoting the success of female employees
• Conducting ongoing FUJIFILM WAY Training and training for enhancing problem formulation skills


Worldwide brand recognition

• Earned high recognition rates in a 2021 brand survey conducted in 12 countries. Recognition scores included 100% in Japan, 99% in Singapore, 97% in China and 92% in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany
• Conducting the NEVER STOP global branding campaign worldwide, widely promoting the Fujifilm Group’s broad business domains and corporate stance of consistently taking on challenges
• Carry out education and training within the Group and in the sales distribution network to improve customer satisfaction
• Conduct employee engagement survey

Global Network

Number of consolidated subsidiaries worldwide 310
(As of March 31, 2021)

• International revenue ratio (excluding Japan) for fiscal 2020: 58%
• Established regional management companies at major locations in Europe, the United States, China and Southeast Asia
• Established five bio CDMO facilities in Europe and the United States, the main markets for biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing
• Newly established process development and API manufacturing locations for gene therapy drugs

The Fujifilm Group’s Proprietary Technologies

Since our founding, we have been accumulating the base technologies to support our business, including organic and inorganic materials chemistry, optical technologies and analytical technologies. Based on these technologies, we have honed our proprietary core technologies, which are central to continuously building up our competitive advantage. By combining these technologies, we provide a wide range of products and services.

Value Created by Technology

Our technological capabilities are one of the sources of corporate value that support the diverse businesses of the Fujifilm Group. We work to improve our technological capabilities in order to create revolutionary products and services with our advanced proprietary technologies and continue providing new value to the world. At the same time, we are aggressively promoting open innovation combining our technology with outside technology.

R&D policy

Under the five research policies, we aim to develop bold new businesses that can contribute to improving quality of life and sustain growth in existing business fields with innovative new products by fusing together our business strategies and R&D strategies.

Research policies
1. Deepening and broadening the Fujifilm Group’s fundamental technologies
2. Creating new value by integrating multiple technologies in various fields
3. Enhancing Group synergies
4. Accelerating developments
5. Improving the fundamental R&D capability of each researcher and organization

R&D structure

We established the CTO Office at FUJIFILM Holdings in December 2020. This office is tasked with formulating a portfolio of technologies for us to evolve and new technologies for us to incorporate, and with following through on this evolution and incorporation. The office’s operations are founded in the Fujifilm Group’s business concept of resolving medium- to long-term social issues. At Fujifilm, we have set up so-called Divisional Laboratories to engage in R&D directly linked to each business and Corporate Laboratories to conduct research into our base technologies. These laboratories provide the technologies we need in each business from a group-wide perspective.
 In addition, FUJIFILM Business Innovation is advancing R&D to contribute to solving customers’ management issues. We are constantly working to design people-centric products and services, as well as collaborating with universities, research institutes, corporations and other partners in our focus to generate synergies for resolving issues faced by regional communities. And through collaboration of development sites in Japan and overseas, we have established a structure to respond to global market demand quickly.

Approach to intellectual property

The Fujifilm Group engages in intellectual property activities to ensure that the value created through various business activities always provides a competitive edge. The extent of our activities is extremely broad ranging; for example, in addition to conventional activities like assisting the creation of inventions, submitting patent applications and acquiring rights, we conduct strategic analyses of competitors and address industry standards for the purpose of achieving business superiority. With an aim to further enhance corporate value, we engage in intellectual property activities that contribute to business growth and reducing business risks by creating and utilizing strong intellectual property in close collaboration with business divisions and R&D divisions.

Open innovation initiatives creating new value through co-creation

We have established Open Innovation Hubs in Japan, the United States and Europe as places to facilitate the cocreation of new value and where we can link our base and core technologies—the source of the Fujifilm Group’s competitiveness—along with the materials, products and services that incorporate them, to the issues and needs faced by external business partners and society. While all locations share the same core concepts, their exhibits are tailored to each location’s respective market environment and regional characteristics. Since their openings, the three regions have welcomed a combined total of 20,000 visitors from about 4,000 companies (as of August 31, 2021), and
collaborations have taken place in various forms. In 2020, with the ongoing spread of COVID-19, rapidly establishing an online environment of co-creation has resulted in growing collaborations with distant and worldwide business partners, as well as broader activities in general.
 FUJIFILM Business Innovation also offers the Business Innovation Lab, a place where visitors can experience our long-cultivated communications technologies hands-on. It also provides Future Edge, a facility for verification and testing ahead of new business innovations in the global communications domain and where it works alongside customers to generate new innovations. Also incorporating the latest AI, IoT and other technologies, both hubs propose solutions to address the diverse management challenges of customers in a rapidly changing business environment.

Open Innovation Hub
Open Innovation Hub

AI/ICT initiatives

In order to create innovative products and services and dramatically evolve our business processes, we are taking strong action led by the ICT* Strategy Division, toward DX using advanced technologies such as AI and the IoT. Our goal is to contribute to achieving DX not only for ourselves but also for our customers and society as a whole.
 We have built a platform for data utilization and are working to enhance our AI capabilities by combining imaging AI that applies Fujifilm’s image processing technology, analytical AI that uses statistical analysis technology and linguistic AI that makes use of FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s natural language processing technology as we promote advanced DX. 
* Information and Communication Technology

Topic 1: Formulation of the Fujifilm Group AI Policy

In November 2020, we adopted the Fujifilm Group AI Policy, guidelines for the effective and appropriate use of AI in all corporate activities.
 The Fujifilm Group, based on its corporate philosophy, has been developing and accumulating technologies for deciphering valuable information from large volumes of image data in the fields of medical diagnostic imaging and photo imaging. With these technologies and knowledge as strengths, we are developing AI technologies that can tackle needs and issues in areas such as healthcare and advanced materials and are promoting their implementation in society.
 The Company will work to create new value and resolve social issues by providing products and services offering safety and peace of mind, developed in accordance with the Fujifilm Group AI Policy. In addition, in order to properly utilize and enforce this policy, we will enhance literacy training for employees involved in the development and
usage of AI, and better cultivate AI human resources.

Outline of the Fujifilm Group AI Policy
1. Accelerating new value creation with the active use of AI
2. Developing and providing products and services respecting human rights
3. Ensuring fair and appropriate use of AI
4. Ensuring the security of information to be used
5. Fulfilling accountability and ensuring transparency
6. Developing human resources capable of utilizing AI in an advanced and appropriate manner

Topic 2: Formulation of the DX Vision

In July 2021, the Fujifilm Group formulated its DX Vision, clearly defining its commitment to dramatically increasing value provided to customers and to continuing to take on the challenge of resolving social issues through the further promotion of DX.
 In addition to creating the Digital Reform Committee in 2017 as an organization managing the digital officers appointed in each division, we are promoting DX on a groupwide, cross-organizational basis, aiming to resolve DX issues using the latest ICT within all business activities, services and operations.

*1 Unique AI technology which extracts necessary conditions for stable structural compounds from a massive number of the known compounds in chemical libraries and designs new compounds based on the conditions
*2 Business Process Outsourcing